* The implementation of hazard analysis. * Determine Critical Control Points (CCP). For each risk identified. * Establishing critical limits, maximal and / or minimum value, by which biological, chemical and physical hazards in order to control the pedagogical prevention. * Determination of procedures / processes for monitoring CCPs * Determination of corrective measures in case the monitoring shows that the CCP is not within the critical limits. * Establish procedures / processes for verification and certification procedures and the HACCP
system is effective and it works well. * The verification activities should be included authorized persons employed in production, the HACCP team. * The establishment and effective management of records and documents
HACCP stands for - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. HACCP system that includes a series of procedures for process control and sensitive points in the food chain, with the ultimate aim that the consumer uses the food in the state and in a manner that will be safe for his health.

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